Great car story of the day – 2-21-2019

Car story from Arodg25:

I once evaded a police helicopter. This was about 15 years ago. There was around 7 or 8 cars including myself that were Street racing on a road along the fraser river. There was a small parking lot we would sit in while 2 people would race. Next thing i knew there this woop woop woop sound maybe 100ft above us, then the officer on the loud speaker tells us to shut em down cruisers were on the way. Well fuck that, everyone gets in there cars and takes off in random directions fast and furious style. Another car and myself end up going the same way, and of course the helicopter chose us to follow. So we’re driving alongside the river with the copter flying over the river, and every corner we go around I’m expecting to see a cop car.

Then we go behind a patch of trees and the other car turns around back the other way. I’m thinking maybe the helicopter will not like that and go follow him. Nope, im his target, great. So i pick up the pace trying to think if there’s any underground parking near me, which i quickly realize im out of luck. Corner after corner im still expecting to see cops, and I’m starting to realize there’s no way to lose guy. So far the setting has been kind of rual, Then i get to a small “downtown” area called Fort Langley. Not really much of a down town but there’s a few 2 – 3 story buildings with coffee shops and restaurants. Anyway the helicopter is still over the river a bit but far enough away now that i watch him pass behind a building and some trees and as soon as i lose sight of him for a moment I got lucky and noticed a parking spot on the street in the middle of a row full of cars. Now i guess the pilot gets confused because he’s looking for a moving car and i see him fly one way, then the other then gain altitude, i can tell he’s lost me then heads of in the direction i was going towards the highway. When he does that, i turn around and go back the exact same way i just came and boot it the fuck out of there.