The real cost of a 35K Tesla with full self driving…

For those who want a low cost Tesla with Full Self Driving (FSD) at the new low price of 35K will be in for an interesting surprise. The actual cost out of the door of a 35K Tesla with FSD is near 50K (before tax incentives).

Here is a full break down of costs in California:

Pricing Details

Car Price$44,200.00
Full Self-Driving Capability$5,000.00
Rear-Wheel DriveIncluded
Standard Black InteriorIncluded
Solid BlackIncluded
Standard InteriorIncluded
18’’ Aero WheelsIncluded
Model 3$35,000.00
Standard Range Rear-Wheel DriveIncluded
Destination Fee$1,125.00
Documentation Fee$75.00
Taxes & Fees$4,742.01
Sales Tax$4,199.01
Tire Fee$7.00
License Fee$288.00
Registration/Transfer/Titling Fees$248.00
Amount Due$48,942.01